I’ve talked about bustles several times before mostly because for wedding consultants at nearly every wedding they become an issue

So here’s the deal with gowns and bustles

Many designers are showing poofy gowns you know the kind where they are gathered in 8-10 places giving the back of the gown a cascading effect

I’e had some bad experiences lately with some of the gowns which are glued and not stitched (bridesmaids dresses too!)

As soon as someone (possible you) steps on the hem it jerks the fabric and pops the glue

Ask your seamstress to stitch them in place!

Number two, once they have made the bustle:

Make sure that when you change into your comfy shoes your gown doesn’t drag on the ground

And make sure you can BACK UP. You dont dance in one- forward direction

Brides have been freaking out because they can’t walk, they keep tripping over their gowns and they can’t dance

They only thing worse than no being able to dance at your own wedding was recently pointed out by several photographers and videographers

Photos and TONS, yes TONS of footage of scowling, unhappy, complaining, cursing brides who keep tripping on, stepping on and pulling at gowns which don’t move with them when they walk or dance and the men who love them

Take a few minutes, talk to the seamstress and think about how you’ll be moving on you wedding day

It’s great to look beautiful, but will you be able to move and have fun at your wedding

How do you want to be remembered on your wedding day?