Fastest way to flip me out…call me Mr. Kingsdorf!


That would have been my dad- Marty…. I feel really OLD when someone calls me that….


Last week in the midst of running 90miles an hour on everything – I got this big package in the mail stamped “DO NOT FOLD!”…


And they didn’t – (see ‘Calling all Cars RE: USPOSTAPHOBIA)


This was SO COOL…. If was filled with “Dear Mr. Kingsdorf” letters….dozens of them…


They came from the kids at Ridley Middle School – Where I spoke a few months back for their career day.


It was filled with cards and letter with hearts, and crowns and smiley face – with thank you cards and notes of ‘if I were getting married I’d hire you” –


How cool is that?


Its days like these that make you really glad you do what you do!


So, to all the gang at Ridley Middle School –