Calling all cards. Calling all cards…. Be on the lookout


Some of you might now – I have a major fear in life…


It’s called USPostaphobia….it a not totally unfounded fear of mail being handled through the US Postal service…


I’m sure some of you might have it as well –


I’ve had at one contract in the last year go out and vanish TOTALLY, another which was returned to me over a month later even with the correct address and sufficient postage.


I thought I had seen it all when I got an article I had featured in from a friend back in November –


It seemed odd that the article was from July – why send it now, she’s seen me four or five times since then?


When I called her to thank her – she asked why I called now – cause we’d seen each other a few times in between – ‘why, because I just got it!”


SHE HAD MAILED IT IN JULY, when she saw it…. Over four months to go 8 miles from Ambler to East Falls!



And this is the only forum I can think of to figure it out –


This envelope was forwarded from the old PO box (July 12) and it came to the studio
 (July 31).


It’s a beautiful Crane & Co. ivory envelope with a black and grey/platinum pinstripe liner….


Seems the adhesive on the flap didn’t stick….


I received a totally empty (all be it beautiful) envelope…. Note how pretty the stamp is….


So, with all that said – if you recognize the writing, own the stationery, and or mailed me something in mid July…






To the best of my knowledge it wasn’t a payment from anyone….



Please, please, please let me know if recognize this envelope…