One of the most amazing responses I got from wedding professionals about eco-friendly products came from Tom Sciascia (pronounced Sha Sha) owner of The Painted Truffle




Tom and I have met on several occasions – at one event he had provided chocoloates for our dining tables – martini glasses filled with chocolate treats and surrounded by his beautiful truffles.




Over half of the tray was gone before the salads ever arrived…. YUM…. everyone at the table was enjoying them and commenting on their quality



So I knew Tom was a nice guy, had a good quality product, and that everyone loved them…


Here’s what I learned this week!


All the truffles he makes are 100% natural.
He uses as many organic ingredients in his chocolates as possible.  -The organic lemon truffle supports Alex’s Lemonade Stand fund.  The coconut truffle is 100% organic.  Romeo & Juliet uses 100% organic raspberries. And so on.
The Rainforest truffle uses sustainable chocolate and supports the farmers in Ecuador who are using the canopy of the rainforest to grow shade cocoa, thus they are eliminating the need to cut down our precious resources and are really working the land and trees to create a fantastic chocolate.  Tom’s hope by this coming fall that he will be using almost exclusively this rainforest chocolate in all his truffles and chocolates.

 He uses recycled paper for cards, reusable tins for truffles that can be used for a variety of purposes once the truffles are gone, and paper coffee filters for inserts.

 As far as his chocolate studio is concerned, he does everything he can to use recycled items when possible, packaging materials are corn starch-based and dissolve when in contact with water, and of course they recycle everything they can from plastic, to glass, etc.





In addition to the table pieces Tom offers a great line of favor sized items as well as gift boxes for family, friends and clients…


Thanks Tom for sharing how The Painted Truffle helps our environment as well as provides us with a great and delicious wedding favor!