Finally a wedding trend based in a fact.

I was proofing a wedding invitation for a client a few days ago and in writing the date it read…

Two thousand seven

Now, I’m used to reading it as:

Two thousand and seven …so the first looked a little odd

I have a meeting with another client and we’re also proofing invitation and it says… two thousand and seven

In commenting on it the MOB (hi Mrs. G!) a math teacher; saysI always wondered because mathematically two thousand and seven is incorrect.

So I call Vanessa at Two Paper Dolls. She’s the cool, hip, wedding invitation guru around here- and the one who designed the first invitation

Vanessa says, two thousand and seven implies a decimal point.

So I pull out my trusty ˜Emily Post Wedding Etiquette, 5th Edition by Peggy Post and the text under formal invitations says

Two thousand and seven


So this morning I call Peggy Post ok….it’s fun to have cool friends.

Seems that up until about ten or so years ago invitations never included the year in the date

And when added people just automatically wrote it as two thousand and seven as thats the way many people said it

So technically, mathematically the correct word form for the year 2007 is indeed two thousand seven

Looks like Peggy and I both learned something new today