As a wedding professional with a website, and a mailing address – I seem to get on every junk mail list there is…

email SPAM is bad enough…


But it’s the stuff in the mailbox that really makes me nuts…I get enough of the regular-at-home- junk mail already.



Brides-to-be and their grooms have it just as bad….you seem to get on everybody’s list…



Here’s a really cool organization – GreenDimes – which will not only help reduce your junk mail, but will plant a tree every month as part of your membership.






Unbelievably, we chop down 100,000,000 trees and waste 28 billion gallons of water EVERY YEAR producing this stuff.  Most of this goes straight to the trash or recycling bin.


Joining is really easy – it takes just a few seconds to do – stopping the mail actually takes a few weeks – but is well worth the investment.
Check out their website for all the information on how it works.
They have a counter which calculates how many trees and how much water is actually saved and tons of information on the re-forestation program they support.


You can even give a membership as a gift!