Last night I needed a little mental distraction from a busy week…


So, I decided to watch the premiere of NBC’s – The Real Wedding Crashers


Its Punked, all staged at a couple’s wedding… the kicker is that the bride and groom are accomplices…brought to you by Jason Goldberg and Ashton Kutcher


Brides and grooms who are looking to have a ‘memorable’ wedding set up their family and friends to be played the fool in a variety of wedding related spoofs.


Their crew of four accomplice wedding crashers do a good job of annoying guests, and setting up family, close friends and bridal party for gags ranging from accidentally destroying the brides gown three days before the wedding…to having the officiant’s (Accomplice Steve’s) cell phone ring during the  ceremony.


While a little over the top and more than a little bit amusing – I think there’s way too much taking and back story by the MC, and I’m not sure how long lived this idea can be.


There are just so many times you can drop a cake, ruin a bride’s gown and interrupt a ceremony.


Catch it while you can… its good for a few laughs