SPEAKING OF HIRING (re: Questions that need answers #2)


This is a PSA to any of you thinking about getting in wedding consulting as a profession.


This is actually a shout out to my ‘girls’ who I know feel the same way….
Wedding consulting is a business of personal attention – it’s also a business of research, presentation and attention to detail….


Doing it professionally takes a lot of time and research –


For those of you thinking about getting into wedding consulting as a profession:


Sending email to consultants looking for work when their website clearly states-


‘We are not hiring’ or “emails concerning employment will be ignored”, deserved a ‘click delete’-you clearly can not follow directions.


Same goes for phone calls saying: “You hiring?” (…you think I’m kidding?)


You are not “uniquely qualified” to be a wedding consultant because you are a women’s studies major (got that one), a public relations/marketing major (get that all the time) or because you had fun planning your own wedding.


Uniquely qualified is someone who has joined an association, done some research, hopefully has some food and beverage background (48-52% of the average wedding is spent in this area), and done a hands on internship with a seasoned wedding consultant.


If you are going to send a resume please make sure:


That it is on nicer paper than multi purpose copy/print/fax paper.


That you include a cover sheet.


That you take the time to look at the consultants’ website, and if they list a consultant name you address them personally – most of us own the businesses too.


And that if you are sending to several firms- you get the right letter in the right envelope. (It happened).


LASTLY: If you contact a consultant – we research for a living…


Expect that we will google, and check your myspace…. If you state on your profile or blog that you HATE work, love to party all night and “ smoke up”….Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a return call right away…


It’s our businesses and our clients who your employment effects and we’re just a little protective….


This is a business made up of small owner operated businesses- with maybe a few full or part time staff – if you have to do your research and put your best foot forward to get the few jobs there are.