Yesterday was perfect….


Julie and mark are one of those very laidback, diverse, fun-loving couples we as wedding consultants love to work with.


Julie is Chinese and Mark is from Ireland…as different as you’d think they could be- they are surprisingly similar.


Working with them on a small intimate wedding was a lot of fun…they had specific ideas, and reasonable expectations… they knew what they wanted – they knew they had limitations – and we worked around them…


Every detail was choreographed to reflect them as individuals, and as a couple.


They selected the Philopatrian Literary Institute on Rittenhouse Square – the Stotesbury Mansion– one of the few old mansions left on the square.


The Philo – was founded to help educate Irish immigrants coming here in the 1850’s – it moved to the mansion in 1926 – the perfect place for an intimate wedding- especially for Mark’s Irish family.


And the date – Chinese New Year – marrying on this date, and the inclusion of rich red fabrics and accents was the perfect touch to honor Julie’s Chinese family.


Amazing food stations provided by Feastivities Catered Events and a very personalized ceremony provided by a good friend of the groom’s made for a perfect day.



Wishing you, your families and friends a lifetime of Hearts, Health and Happiness.