January is FINALLY over!


I’ve never seen a crazier January…. I’m not a huge fan of cold, snow is pretty to look at …on like Christmas Eve…for an hour…but I’m over the cold already.


There’s so much stuff to make ya go HMMMMMMM?


OK, lets start with the famous You Tube video:
The bride freaking out over a bad up-do on her wedding day – who proceeds to go into the hotel bathroom, cut her hair off and freak out, while her “friends” – the bridesmaids drink champagne and film it!


IT”S FAKE, they had to stage it…. would one of your friends, bridesmaids actually roll film and drink champagne and let you hack at your hair?


I take my Bluetooth off and put it in my pocket during a meeting…get outside and take my gloves out of my pocket walking down the street….(see where this is going?) Damn cold!



I’ve never felt so naked without a piece of technology – I don’t think I was that lost the day my web server went down.


Next, I get this hysterical video clip from an invitation company called “ Bride Asylum” – way too funny – never used their product but I love their ad!
Next, ok big joke here in town is the Museum of Natural History’s newest exhibit  –
The Scoop on Poop – ok, what the HEY….


To continue on the topic…


Ever hear that it’s good luck to have a bird poop on your head…so I’m bopping to the corner to mail a letter, wearing beat up jeans and sweats and this “Luck King Pub” hat from Old Navy (the $2.50 sale bin kind)….and a bird goes on my hat….


So, not only is it a Lucky “King” hat (get it King – Kingsdorf?), but right splat in the middle of my head…


I hope it’s good luck….


I’m glad January is over…