No not Christmas…. While I really enjoyed the family time, parties with friends and insane amounts of decorations (Christmas is a huge deal in my family)…it’ now a ghost of Christmas past…


I’m talking about engagement season…. the weeks immediately following the Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year’s proposals.


Time for all of the newly engaged brides-to-be to begin frantically searching wedding websites, googling their fingers off to find the “perfect’ location, gown and wedding consultant.


For many it’s “tire kicking season” – ya know, like shopping for a car….ya go in find a pretty one, kick the tires, look at the sticker and walk away because you’ve decided before you ever find out any more about it that you can’t afford it.


I’m getting a dozen emails a day…many requesting pricing and nothing more…many I never hear back from after I provide information… even after attempting to follow up with a call of email….


These brides-to-be are missing the best part of planning their wedding…. people who are in business working with brides an their families because WE LOVE WHAT WE DO, we love meeting new people who are excited about planning a wedding…


I love talking with brides to be, finding out what they are excited about, seeing if we’re a good match, and then building planning services which could really help them to have fun, enjoy the ride, have time with their family and friends, plan a wedding that reflects both themselves and their fiancé.


Am I the right match for every bride that calls? Probably not…


Will I take a moment and give you honest answers to your questions, listen to your excitement and maybe give you a tip to make planning more fun and exciting?




But, if you are kicking tires, emailing and getting numbers on sheet of paper, without getting the pleasure of a ‘test drive’ you’re missing the best part of shopping for a wedding consultant.


Consulting is a business of personal relationships, getting to know the couples you meet and work with…I do this because I love meeting and working with great people.


Call Today for your free test drive! Hope to talk to you soon.