One of the most important aspects of my job as a wedding consultant is continuing education….


As an independent business owner it’s important to stay up on trends, get new ideas from colleagues and develop a network.


Working with clients who are always looking for new ideas means staying ahead of the trends…


For the last five years I have been really excited to attend 21st Century Nuptials – developed by a dear friend Linnyette Richardson-Hall, of DIVA Enterprises in Baltimore.
You might know her from “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?”.


The conference has taken place every year over Halloween weekend, which always makes for fun…we started in Baltimore; traveled to Miami, Las Vegas and NYC…this year – the “last” conference for her (we’ll see) – was back in Baltimore.


I’ve been fortunate that I’ve not only been surrounded by some great wedding consultants from across the country …and a few from ‘across the pond’- but I’m typically the only guy attending, meet some great presenters and have been fortunate to teach four of the five years…


Aside from the fun activities (midnight snack competition) – you get to learn from everyone, everyone brings something from their own life experience, which often helps grow your business. Seminars in contract law, liquor and specialty drinks, catering linen and chair covers, destination weddings, photography and entertainment all add to the mix…


In addition to attending this weekend I also work in time to attend the Greater Philadelphia Videographers Association meetings, National Association of Catering Executives educational programs as well as local and state events for the Association of Bridal Consultants.


Keeping current is so important.