I wanted to share these with all of you a long time ago… I’ve been trying to find a photo program I like to be able to do this….


The past week with the new season of “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?” seems like the perfect time….


While I’m really glad I didn’t allow myself to act like an a## on TV – Refusing to drink, curse and bash my client didn’t win me any friends at the network….


I haven’t been asked back for another season….


But what did happen….and I have begun to regret….


Is that they tried to capture the cheap, tacky side of my clients wedding – the gone guy with the patch, her obsession with linens, and the one guy dancing with the pole….


And that they didn’tt show the part that was really a very elegant, beautiful, Jewish wedding with the blending of two heritages and two familes…
Here is a link to what the entire wedding really looked like: