Part of the sanity in my life- and my business is knowing that I have to take time for me

Having a significant other who has a ‘real job’the Monday through Friday kind with nights and weekends off and vacation time  – I sometimes need to not book weddings so we can plan vacation time

We try to figure this out a year or more in advance as to not make me crazy when brides call looking for specific dates that far out

I try to block one of the summer holidays and take a warm weather vacation usually before the craziness of September/October weddings..

This year we did an cruise to Hawaii  we sailed out of Honolulu and made stops in Hilo, Maui, Kona, Kauai and back to Oahu,best way to see this much of the islands without packing and unpacking everyday

It was absolutely AMAZING, we did kayaking, hiked a lava field, climbed a waterfall, snorkeled and ate great food

Raainbow of Napali coast     Volcano National Park   Pearl Harbor