This weekends wedding was definitely a memorable one….

Megan and Tony are a great couple- the kind that you can see how much they love and care for each other the first time you meet them.

But, equally as important for me was how much the people around them love and support them as well…

My Wedding Day Coordination was purchased as a shower gift for the ladies in Megan’s bridal party.

Katie, one of the bridesmaids is a former client – Katie had recommended my services to Megan.

Megan and mom had also see me at a bridal event and won a half-hour consultation. 

After thinking she couldn’t afford “Day Of” with everything else the had going on Megan decided to write it off…. But her sister/ MOH didn’t and contacted me to book services as a surprise.

It was great o see them all able to relax, know that everything was under control and that they could be guests at their own wedding…. now THAT’S a GIFT!

Aside for the SKUNK issue with the wedding…

The other really memorable thing for me was meeting Tony’s Aunt Sandy and her husband Chris.

When I was finished for the night we had a great chat about what I did, weddings in general and some of the stuff I’ve seen…

When what I really wanted to talk about was all the really cool stuff Chris has SEEN- Chris or should I say:

Christopher J. Ferguson (CAPTAIN, USN) – Who will be piloting the next space shuttle!
God’s speed, and safe return Chris