I’ve always been a firm believer that one of my biggest jobs is to be an advocate for my clients.

To try to negotiate the fairest prices for them, look out for their best interest- and give them options. But at all costs – be truthful.

No in some cases you really have more than one client sometimes you are working for the bride and groom, other times the bride’s family (usually Mother of the Bride ‘MOB’), and on other occasions the grooms family

What may seem like good advice on the surface, might not sit well with one or more of these parties I was having a conversation with a MOB and we happen to discuss a previous meeting with she, her daughter, future son in law, and myself.

We had to exceptional options to discuss at our meeting one was the best option by the bride’s standards and “the other the best by mom’s hmmmmm?

When we really looked objectively the bride’s option was truly the better of the two options mom was really ok with this- but I never realized how ok until she said to me today.

I really trust that you are looking out for our best interest “even though you knew it wasn’t my first choice, and that I was writing the checks -you gave us your honest opinion of what the plusses would be”


So I guess my lesson is:
The truth might not be what people want to hear-it might be what they need to hear and they’ll respect you for it in the end.

Thanks Mrs. S